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About Me

I'm a Connecticut based web developer with over 10 years of experience in developing and designing web related solutions. If you get your kicks talking about the latest web trends, mobile development / design, or talking about the latest and greatest gadgets, we'd get along quite nicely.

I get my kicks with:
- AngularJS
- OOP Javascript
- Designing slick UIs
- Making sure user experience is top notch
- Semantic Markup
- Grunt & Webpack
- I love me some GIT
- Always staying up to date with frameworks and web technologies
- My corgis Toby and Conan!

I've developed numerous web based applications from websites, progressive web apps to desktop hybrids using Electron.js and Photon. I've worked in huge corporations and small interactive startups, I've seen a lot.

But hey, if you have a project or just want to chat toss me message using the form below.

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